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A home is not a place, it’s a feeling. A feeling of warmth, security and comfort – at least, that’s what we believe. It’s the reason we’re offering a range of FREE and discounted energy-saving products, whether you’re our customer or not. They help you save energy and money. And, more importantly, they help your house feel like a home.

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Boiler power
for a steamier

A steaming hot shower and toasty warmth, that’s the sort of home comfort you and yours deserve. So why wait? Upgrade your boiler with us from just £27 a month and up to four years’ 0% interest free credit. Best of all, kicking out your old inefficient boiler now could save you £2103 on future energy bills. We are a credit broker and not a lender.

Save with
solid wall

Did you know that solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls? Choose solid wall insulation, however, and you stop the leakage. This means bigger savings on your heating bills and a warmer home without dialing up the thermostat – again. Making it hotter still: you could also be eligible for an ECO grant of £1,700 towards the cost.

FREE cavity
wall insulation
for cooler bills

Toasty home in the winter, chilled pad in the summer – two good reasons why cavity wall insulation should be on your home improvement wish list. How do you know if you have cavity walls? Simply look at the pattern of your brickwork. If your bricks have a regular pattern and are the same size, your home probably has cavity walls and space for a serious heat upgrade. Did we mention we fill cavity walls in under half a day? Mess-free.

How much
could you

As much as £2103 a year on your annual energy bill with a boiler upgrade, more than £2553 with solid wall insulation and up to £1503 a year with cavity wall insulation. That’s not to mention the other savings that come with our home energy improvements: no icy shower frustrations or boiler blow-out stresses. Sound good?

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From our safety accreditations to our professional partnerships, we’re happy to have achieved a lot in our time. Most of all, we’re happy that our credentials give customers the confidence they need and trust us to upgrade their warmth.