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Add insulation to your home improvement wish list and the benefits roll out nicely. Forget sweltering summers and freezing winters – external and internal insulation keeps your place home sweet home all-year-round.

Cavity or solid
wall insulation

Which is right for your property?

The most effective way of preventing heat loss in your home is with insulation. We have two types – cavity wall and solid wall – and can help you discover which your home would benefit from the most. Plus, you don’t need to be an E.ON customer to benefit. Best of all, some insulation options are FREE.

Cavity wall

Most modern homes in the UK are built with cavity walls, that is, an inner and an outer wall with a space between them. If your home was built after 1930 and has brickwork that follows a regular pattern, it may have cavity walls. Fill the gaps and you could save yourself up to £1503 a year on your heating.

Solid wall insulation

If your home was built before 1930, the external walls are probably solid rather than cavity. That’s not great news for your heating bill: solid walls lose more heat than cavity walls. Stop the heat loss now and you could save up to £2553 a year on your heating bill.

You may not
have to pay

Thanks to the ECO scheme, we could install cavity wall insulation for free, or give you as much as £1,700 towards solid wall insulation, if you’re eligible and apply through us. The scheme was launched in 2013 and since then it’s helped thousands of people turn their houses into energy-efficient homes.

What our customers say

We’ve a growing number of happy customers who’ve had insulation solutions from us. Our customers are always generous in their praise. And their kind words make us warm inside.

  • We’re very happy, it’s saved us a painting job! We’re already seeing the benefits through the side wall. Our property has a new, fresh look.
    Mrs Webster from Nuneaton
  • We’re very happy, can’t fault the work at all. We’ve had lots of comments and people asking who did it, so they could have it done.
    Mr and Mrs Reid from Bromsgrove

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From our safety accreditations to our professional partnerships, we’re happy to have achieved a lot in our time. Most of all, we’re happy that our credentials give customers the confidence they need and trust us to upgrade their warmth.