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Cavity wall insulation is like a giant comfort blanket for your home. It makes winters warmer and summers cooler and could save you up to £1503 on your gas and electricity bills. Call us now on 0330 400 1083*.

How can you tell if you have cavity walls?

Cavity walls didn’t really start to be used in general building until the early 1930s, so knowing the age of your home is the first useful step in figuring out if you have them. If your home was built after 1930 then it’s highly likely you have cavity walls.

Another useful trick is to look at the pattern of your house bricks. A regular pattern of bricks – where all the bricks are laid on the long side – usually means you have cavity walls.

But please don’t worry about checking before getting in touch with us. We’ll assess your property thoroughly to see if you have cavity walls or cavity wall insulation when we come to see you.

Is cavity wall insulation messy to install?

No. It normally takes half a day to install and we won’t need to come into your home. We’ll leave your outside walls tidy with minimal disruption to you.

We can install cavity wall insulation in no more than half a day and normally do so from outside your home. We drill 2cm holes in the outer wall, which our specialist heating engineers then inject with cavity wall insulation. Although quick and easy to install, it is not a DIY job and must be done by professionals. Don’t worry: we won’t need to remove any bricks from your home.

Once the cavity is full, the holes are filled in to match with the existing wall and our engineer leaves your home exactly as he found it.

Cavity wall insulation – without the price tag

Yes, really. We are offering FREE cavity wall and loft insulation for all homeowners and landlords. And all homes with cavity walls – big or small, regardless of age – whether you’re an existing customer or not.

It’s part of our Affordable Warmth drive and the Government’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Scheme to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions.

We’ve been offering free cavity wall insulation to people and families who qualify and need it. No hidden catches. Just extra comfort at no extra cost.

Call us now on 0330 400 1083* to get your FREE cavity wall

Four simple steps
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healthier home

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    Book now for FREE

    – by calling 0330 400 1083* for your cavity wall insulation survey

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    FREE home survey 

    – we’ll then visit your home at a time to suit you and check to see if your home is eligible for free loft and cavity insulation.

  • 3

    No-hassle fitting 

    – we’ll fix a convenient installation date with you. We’ll leave your home clean and tidy when we go.

  • 4

    Sit back and relax 

    – the work’s done and your home is happier for it.

What our customers say

We’ve a growing number of happy customers who’ve had insulation solutions from us. Our customers are always generous in their praise. Take a look at what they’ve said.

  • We’re very happy, can’t fault the work at all. We’ve had lots of comments and people asking who did it, so they could have it done.
    Mr and Mrs Reid from Bromsgrove

How much could you save?

Fill the gaps between your walls and you could pad your wallet, too. See how much you could save on your annual heating bill when we install cavity wall insulation for you.

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